2018 ACKCSC National Specialty | St. Charles, IL  |  April 16-19

First, a heartfelt thank you to the membership of the ACKCSC for choosing me to judge the 2018 National Specialty.  It was a huge honor and privilege!  Also, I would like to thank my Ring Steward, Barbara Pepper and my Table Steward, Elaine Challacombe.  These ladies were always pleasant and kept the show moving along in a wonderfully organized fashion. They made my job so much easier-all I had to think about was the dogs!!  I applaud the entire show committee for doing an amazing job-it truly takes a village! This was truly a breeder’s dream: to go over every single Cavalier entered at the National Specialty!!

My general impression of our Cavaliers is that the breeders are doing a wonderful job with breed type and temperament.  The entry could hold their own with Cavaliers anywhere!  The dogs were happy, pleased to interact with me with happy faces and wagging tails.  There were many beautiful heads with soft, heart melting expressions.   Some had outstanding movement.

I think that we have a couple of areas that need work:  many fronts were lacking in angulation with upright and, often, wide shoulder blades.  I have been told by mentors in several breeds that a good front assembly is the basis of a good dog.  There were also a few long and low Cavaliers-correct outline is something we always need to give a high priority.  While improving different areas, let’s not lose sight of the whole dog.  Please remember that our Cavaliers are to be presented in a natural fashion without trimming and sculpting.  There were some dogs who were eliminated from placements because of trimming.

Congratulations to all breeders, winners and to all the exhibitors.  The National Specialty is a wonderful experience.  I hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did!!

AWARDS OF MERIT (in catalog order):  #178 CH San-di’s Carronade, #211 CH Cedar Creek Rise N Shine, #217 GCH Almeara Extra Extraordinary, #225 CH Tomnees Golden Sky, #227 GCHB Orchard Hill Toy Money, #260 CH Orchard Hill Spring Fever, #276 GCH Snowbird Bedknobs And Broomsticks

SELECT DOG: #205 GCHS Kendry’s U.S. Marshall (tri color).  A strong, masculine yet elegant dog.  A very appealing expression on a strong head.  His outline and topline excellent, both moving and standing.  His movement is outstanding.  His happy attitude was evident throughout the class.

SELECT BITCH & BEST VETERAN:  #242  GCHS Angel’s Pride Gentle Maid (Blenheim) .  A beautiful bitch at any age!  Absolutely gorgeous head and expression.   Correct outline; good angulation.  Beautiful balance, outstanding movement.  She never lost her wonderful attitude for a single moment.

BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX:  #278 GCHB KBPride Sottish Warrior’s Beautiful Kiara (Blenheim).  A bitch of correct size and shape.  Lovely head and expression. She is smooth, elegant and striking on the move.  Beautifully balanced, she held her topline and outline for the entire class, both moving and standing.

BEST OF BREED: #257 GCHP Stepamgar Skyfall (Blenheim).  After making many difficult-and close-decisions, I was absolutely pleased and happy to choose this dog as Best of Breed.  Such a beautiful head and expression:  soft, sweet and masculine with correct cushioning under gorgeous large, dark eyes.  He is the correct size with a silky, well-marked coat.  Balanced, with correct angulation, both front and rear.  His correct rib and short, strong loin helped to give him a wonderful outline.  He was free moving with good reach and drive.  Today, he owned the ring.



1- #25 Knapdale Kiss Me Nate (tri-color). lovely head and expression; good outline with nice length of ribcage and a short, strong loin.  Held outline and topline while moving.

2- #23 KBPride Bocelli’s Touche’ (tri-color). appealing expression; very good forechest; very nice on the move. Not quite as strong as first place in the topline today.

3- #11 Kiddle Cambryce Daredevil at Madee (tri-color). a bigger puppy with pretty eyes; a little rumpy today

4- #19 Embee’s Tasmanian Night (blk/tan).  nice sized puppy with appealing expression; not quite as strong in topline and chest at this stage


1- #45 (Winners Dog, Best of Winners) Althof Contender (tri-color).  This puppy caught my eye and attention immediately; a very impressive puppy: correct proportions, smooth and balanced with beautiful angles, both front and rear. Correct proportions of rib with short, strong loin. Wonderful on the move.  Soft, sweet expression, beautiful eyes. Outstanding outline, both moving and standing.

2- #47 Sheeba Althof Red Is Back (Blenheim). nice face and expression; correct size. Easy, smooth movement.

3- #37 Marshelle Daram Hill Catch of the Day (Blenheim). smooth puppy with sweet face, nice angles and good proportions that made for a lovely outline.

4- #57 Caryse Here Comes The Sun (Blenheim). a bit bigger puppy; strong rear, good balance.  Sweet face.  Nice on the go.  Wonderful enthusiasm.


1- #65 Sheeba Burberry (Blenheim). Very typey and stylish young male.  Nice outline, moved out well.

2- #59 Kellene When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (ruby).  Lovely head and expression.  A bit longer and lower cast than first place.  Nice movement.

3- #61 Suma Creek Limelight (tri-color).  Nice balance and outline.

4- #63 Woodhaven Lynwood Joshua Tree (Blenheim).  Well-broken Blenheim. Nice proportions


1- #79 Milbu Tikums (Blenheim). Larger boy; good balance with very nice angles.  Appealing expression; nice coat with well-broken color.

2- #71 Folklore Satan Pulls The Strings (tri-color). Lovely head and expression; nice size; I’d like to see more shoulder layback to match the strong rear angles.

3- #77 Sheeba Bugs Bunny (Blenheim).  Nice size, shape

4- #73 Fields Edge It’s A Small World (Blenheim).  Good type, size.


1-  #83 Just Dressed To Impressed of Gillbrook (tri-color).  Lovely size and shape; soft expression.  Very nice on the move; held topline and outline on the go.

1- #81 Crystalkane Prince of Tides (Blenheim).  A bit larger, well-made with a strong topline.


1-  #89 Kinvaar All Fired Up (Blenheim).  Excellent head and expression with beautiful eyes. Strong rear angles. Nice movement

2- #85 Burbrook What Dreams May Come (Blenheim) Beautiful head.  Less angulated than the first-place dog.

3- #91 Westgate’s Canadian Heritage (blk/tan).  Nice size and outline


1- #105 Karlee Gray Stone Stuart at Cempa (Blenheim).  Strong headed, blanketed Blenheim with an outstanding body, outline and topline.  Kept his outline on the move.

2- #107 Sheeba Bartender (Blenheim).  Pretty face, nice outline. Moved out well.

3- #101 Northview Man In Black (blk/tan).  Nice size and shape; strong head

4- #103 O’Skot’s Wonderful Wizard of Oz (ruby).  Sweet face, wonderful forechest; deep, rich color.


1-  #123 Whiteriver Althof Sun Moon N Stars (Blenheim).  Nicely balanced dog with good chest, topline, angles.  Outline was good both moving and standing.

2- #121 Marshelle Daram Hill Beach Boy (Blenheim). Very soft, sweet expression; lovely outline; good balance.

3- #125 Saranade Boom Goes My Heart With Jobren (Blenheim).  Bigger dog; nice outline; a bit straighter in front and rear than the first two, but balanced.

4- #127 Chanctonbury Wild Abandon (Blenheim).  Nice size and balance; strong rear.


1- #145 Snowbird Strangers In The Night.  Very handsome dog of correct size and shape. Beautiful head and expression. Lovely angles, good topline, strong rear. Smooth, easy movement.

2- #133 Millaray Just Keep Your Eyes On Me. A bit large and less angulated than first place. Nice head; very light on his feet.

3- #135 Svena Fortune Teller. Soft, sweet expression.  Strong rear.

4- #139 Kalais Shiver Me Timbers.  Good outline, well balanced.


1- #147 (Reserve Winners Dog) Sigma Chi’s Jose At Mingchen.  A beautiful of dog of correct size and shape. Lovely head and expression; well-balanced; good outline both when moving and standing. Easy and smooth movement.

2- #153 Cempa Sure As Shoot’n.  A bit larger dog with a nice head and expression; not quite the shoulder angulation of first place.  Good outline.

3- #155 Kinvaar Brodick. Another who is a bit larger.  Very pretty head; lovely condition

4- #157 Braemarra Ruben.  Correct size with lovely head and expression.


1- #171 Harana Errol Brown.  Beautiful head with soft, sweet expression.  Correct size; good angles, balanced and very smooth.  Excellent forechest. Strong, efficient movement.

2- #177 Kimark Best Junk On The Beach at Kesar.  Correct size; excellent outline.  Lovely movement; good angles.

3- #169 SpiceOLife Do You Believe In Magic.  Correct size and outline. Very smooth

4- #175 Liane’s Ghost Rider. Nicely balanced, on the larger side.


1- #189 Calvin Klein Gorska Fantazja.  Very pretty head and expression; good angles; nice balance.  Strong rear.

2- #183 Sheeba Day Dream Believer.  Good size and outline.  Very balanced with nice angles.  Very appealing expression

3- #181 Cavausier Bite Off More Than I Can Chew.  Nice outline.  Correct size; strong rear

4- #185 Tublia’s Go Big Or Go Home.  Good outline, very smooth.


1- #195 Quarterback vom Kaninchengarten (blk/tan) Handsome, typey dog with beautiful head and expression.  Nice movement.

2- #197 GCHG LaCanina Fratello Sole CAX BCAT CGCA (ruby) Nicely balanced, very smooth dog.


1- #203 Cobb’s Grand Performance (blk/tan) Lovely head and expression; good outline with correct proportions.  Nice easy movement

2- #199 CH St. Jon Coming Around Again (Blenheim) Good topline, outline, balance; not quite as soft an expression as first place

3- #201 Meadlowlake Toshihiro (blk/tan) A bigger dog with good angles.  Gave a bit in topline to those placed ahead of him.



1- #40 KBPride The Beat Goes On-Cher (Blenheim) Lovely puppy with outstanding angles, both front and rear. Correct proportions, good rib with short, strong loin. Moved well and with enthusiasm.  Lovely head and expression.

2- #38 (owner’s name listed as dog’s name in catalog) (Blenheim) Excellent outline; not quite as plush in the face today as first place. Good angles, balanced.

3- #20 Orchard Hill Fair Enough (Blenheim) Excellent outline. Good strong rear.

4- # 14 Sheeba Poetry In Motion (Blenheim) A bit larger, but very pretty puppy.  Good outline, excellent topline.


1- #50 GraceLyn’s Making Waves (tri color) Nicely balanced puppy with lovely head and expression.  Good topline, nice forechest.  Easy, smooth movement; held topline and outline on the move.

2- #72 Orchard Hill Gotta Adore Me (Blenheim). Love eyes and expression.  Good proportions.  A bit rumpy today.

3- #58 Middlemarsh Movin To The Wetlands (Blenheim) Pretty face, nice outline. not quite as angulated as those placed ahead.

4- #46 Cedar Creek Diamond Keeper (Blenheim) Larger, blanketed Blenheim with good topline.  Not as much cushion under the eyes.


1- #82 Saranade Merci Beaucoup (Blenheim) Well broken Blenheim of correct size.  Very balanced; good outline both moving and standing.  Lovely head with good cushioning under beautiful eyes.

2- #84 KBPride Touch of Evan From Royalty (Blenheim) Excellent outline.  Good movement.  Head not as soft in expression.

3- #78 Manor House GiGi (tri color) A balanced youngster with a sweet face.  Not as angulated as the first and second places.

4- #80 Rosehill Distant Dreamer (tri color) Correct size and outline; sweet expression.


1- #92 Sheeba Madam Secretary (Blenheim) Correct size and shape on this well-broken Blenheim.  Lovely head and expression.  Smooth, easy movement.  Good outline and topline, both moving and standing.

2- #94 Manorhouse Isn’t She Lovely (Blenheim) A bit larger girl with nice angles, good movement.  A bit longer in outline than first place

3- #90 Bonitos Companeros Xaviera (Blenheim) Beautiful face and expression. Nice balance

4- #96 Sheeba Pepper and Spice (Blenheim) Pretty face, strong rear.  Not quite as strong in topline today


1- #102 Kalais Yessiree (ruby) Correct size, nice head and expression

2- #100 Brython Kentucky Crown BN RN BCAT CGCA TKA THDN RATN (Blenheim) Balanced bitch; I’d like to see a plusher face.


1- #106 St. Jon Heather (Blenheim) Very nice head and expression; excellent side movement.  Very good forechest

2- #104 O’Skot’s Carry The Torch Justforme (Ruby) Sweet expression, nice size and shape.  Good side movement.

BITCHES, BRED BY EXHIBITOR:  an outstanding class, as I always hope to see in BBE!

1- #108 (Winners Bitch, Best Bred By Exhibitor) Rockcreek Forever Florrie (Blenheim) Very moderate and correct bitch.  Beautiful head and expression.  Well balanced with lovely movement.  Excellent topline, good rib, short, strong loin. Presented and groomed in a natural fashion.

2-#126 (Reserve Winners Bitch) ForestCreek Fantasy Girl (Blenheim) A very glamorous girl with an outstanding, head and expression.  Excellent forechest.  Light and easy on the move. Gave some in topline to first place.

3- #136 Brookhaven Pumpkin Pie (ruby) A compact girl with good angles. Very sweet head and expression.

4- #128 Althof Sunshine Love (Blenheim) Beautiful eyes and expression.  Nice balance, good mover.


1- #148 Madee Cambryce Solar Flare (Blenheim) Typey bitch of correct size with a lovely head and expression.  Correct outline; a balanced bitch with good movement

2- #154 Fields Edge Miss Gotwals (Blenheim) Another very typey bitch of correct size.  Very pretty expression.  Well balanced; a bit longer in loin than first place

3- #156 Julsvanna Pennies From Heaven (Blenheim) a blanketed Blenheim, a bit larger.  A very strong head, could have a bit softer expression.  Nice movement

4- #152 Sheeba Purple Rain at Aragon (Blenheim) A pretty bitch of correct size. well balanced.


1- #170 Kalidunn Texas Tea.  A lovely bitch of correct size.  Well balanced with a strong topline.  Soft, sweet expression.

2- # 168 Saltayre Little Black Dress.  Very nice bitch with a pretty face and strong topline. Good proportions

3- #164 Embee’s Raising The Stakes.  A bit larger bitch, well balanced.  Not as angulated as the first two placers

4- #160 O’Skot’s Dream A Little Dream of Me.  Lovely type and outline.  Well balanced with good topline.  Not quite so plush in the face as the other placements.


1- #194 Althof Hello Sunshine.  A very smooth bitch of correct size.  Very nice movement; well balanced.  Excellent topline, with good rib, short strong loin

2- #204 Orchard Hill Truer Words. Very pretty bitch with a beautiful head and expression. Well balanced, good topline

3- #200 Brookhaven Suzie Q Nicely marked bitch with a super head and expression.  Gave a bit in topline to first and second

4- #176 Diago Moonstruck.  A very pretty bitch of correct size and outline. Not quite as angulated as the other placers.


1- #214 Kimark The Eyes Have It.  A lovely, typey bitch of correct size and outline.  Beautiful head and soft expression.  Good angulation, well balanced.  Smooth, easy movement

2- #212 Tomnee’s Glory Eyes.  Good size and shape.  Nicely balanced.  Not quite as strong in the topline as #1

3- #220 Turretbank Golden Time.  Pretty bitch with correct size and outline.  Not quite as angulated as the first two, but nicely balanced


1- #224 Windkiss Midnight Dream.  Correct size and outline.  Moderately angulated, balanced.  Good topline.  Smooth, easy movement.  Held outline and topline on the move.

2- #226 Sheeba Dream Girl.  Very typey bitch of correct size.  Very appealing head and expression.

3- #232 Winterhaven Firefly.  Good outline, good movement.

4- #230 Middlemarsh Double Mint Julep.  A bit larger bitch with a good outline.  A soft face and expression.  Not quite as angulated as those placed ahead of her


1- #242 (Select Bitch, Best Veteran) GCHS Angel’s Pride Gentle Maid (Blenheim) .  A beautiful bitch at any age!  Absolutely gorgeous head and expression.   Correct outline; good angulation.  Beautiful balance, outstanding movement.

2- #238 CH Rainbow Over Camelot. (Blenheim)  A compact bitch of correct size.  Excellent condition; good movement.

3- #240 CH MACH 4 Three’s A Charm (Blenheim).  nicely balanced, good movement

4- #236 GCH Dawnaquinn Cambridge Brown Suga (ruby). A pretty bitch of correct size and outline.  Very appealing expression


1- #246 CH Stepamgar’s Sierra (Blenheim).  A beautiful bitch, very well made.  Gorgeous head and expression.  Excellent movement.  Wonderful balance.


1- #248 Kimark Naughty (ruby). Lovely head and expression.  Correct size and outline.  Wonderful movement for a Cavalier of any age!