2023 National Futurity Competition

Virginia Beach, VA – May 1, 2023

Thank you to the Board of the ACKCSC for inviting me to judge at the 2023 National Specialty.  It was an honor to judge Futurity, a showcase of ACKCSC breeders and their very successful efforts to preserve the qualities of the breed we so love. I would also like to thank Chief Ring Steward, Charlie Fippin and Table Steward, Elaine Challacombe who kept me on track and organized.

The breeders who participated in the 2023 Futurity are doing a wonderful job. Overall, their puppies have lovely breed type, are well-made and have proper temperament with happy, wagging tails. I encourage more ACKCSC breeders to participate in the Futurity event. It is an excellent forum to showcase your breeding program in what is now, thanks to live streaming, an internationally viewed event.

6-9 DOGS

1ST Castle Danger Divine Gift (17) – this lovely Blenheim is the definition of “elegant toy spaniel”. Gentle expression with large, dark eyes. Well-angled front and rear. Nicely balanced, he held his topline on the move. Proper coat texture and well-broken markings added the to elegance of this boy. He won Best Junior in Futurity with his elegance and melting, soft expression.

2ND Orchard Hill Stop The World (21) – compact Blenheim boy with lovely breed type and pleasing expression. Good bone. Strong rear.

9-12 DOGS

1ST Castle Danger Bright Promise (63) – handsome Blenheim with well-broken markings. Strong head. Smooth on the move. Good quality coat in excellent condition.


1ST Castle Danger Over The Moon (110) – a feminine Blenheim with nice, clean muzzle and expressive eyes. Pleasing length of neck with smooth transition into shoulders. Well-balanced. Confident and happy on the move.

2nd Sunnydale Five By Five (102) – petite tri-color in nice, compact package. First time in the ring. She gained confidence and animation as she went along.


1ST Nighthawk’s Jinx, You’re It (98) – a Blenheim of dark chestnut color shown in excellent condition. Strong head with dramatic, dark eyes. Compact body and level topline. Clean movement coming and going. The chemistry between dog and handler was quite pleasing. It made me smile!

BEST JUNIOR IN FUTURITY:  Castle Danger Divine Gift


1ST CH Orchard Hill Fan Boy (269) – mature Blenheim boy of a deep chestnut color. Nice proportions and overall balance. Correct in topline, tail set and carriage on the move. Good coat in excellent condition. Showed with happy confidence.


1ST GCH CH Orchard Hill Charm Offensive (290) – this lovely Blenheim girl is a standout. Beautiful Cavalier type of moderate size and coat. Feminine head with clean muzzle and large, expressive eyes. Nicely balanced. Best front assembly in the entry and good depth of chest. Proper tail set and carriage. Showed with maturity and confidence. (I noticed in writing this critique that she is already a grand champion. Not surprised at her early success in the ring.) She won Best Senior in Futurity and Best in Futurity with her overall quality and showmanship.

2nd Saranade Voila with Rumriver (138) – a beautiful, elegant tri-color girl. Lovely, feminine head with soft, melting expression. Good front and nicely balanced. Pleasing on the move with correct tail set and carriage. Correct coat and shown in excellent condition. I would have gladly taken her home with me!

3rd Saranade Temperance at Diago (92) – this pretty tri-color girl had lovely length of neck with smooth flow into good shoulder layback. Happy on the move. Not as finished in head as her classmates.

BEST SENIORIN FUTURITY:  GCH CH Orchard Hill Charm Offensive

BEST IN FUTURITY:  GCH CH Orchard Hill Charm Offensive