Athercroft Cavalier Puppies

We match each dog with the home that best suits its individual personality and needs. Cavaliers deserve to be treasured members of the family. This is more important to us than any competition titles or awards.

Commitment to Breed Preservation

We do not simply breed our girls to one of our boys. We research dogs and their pedigrees, worldwide, and know the health and temperament for generations of Cavaliers. We plan breedings generations ahead and are willing to travel for the right combination of health, temperament and breed type. Dogs included in our breeding program have appropriate health tests and clearances from veterinary specialists.


Athercroft puppies are born in and raised in the house, and continuously socialized with people and other pets. They are weaned no earlier than 10 weeks and fed the finest diet available. Puppies are litter box trained which starts them on house training.

Puppies go to their new homes after 16 weeks. Each is checked by a board-certified veterinarian, is current on vaccinations and deworming, is micro-chipped for permanent identification and is registered to its new owners with AKC.


Healthy dogs start with pedigree-intelligent breeding, parent health, and proper puppy nutrition & socialization. All living creatures (yes, mixed breeds and spouses, too!), have a tendency toward certain health conditions. The most frequently-seen in Cavaliers are mitral valve disease (MVD) and syringomyelia (SM). Check out our ‘Education & Resources’ and ‘Give to Cavalier Nonprofits‘ pages for sources of addition information on Cavalier health and the very exciting advancement in MVD treatment.