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Frequently Asked Questions

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a wonderful toy spaniel bred solely to be a companion dog. It is very adaptable in its need for exercise. A Cavalier’s main joy in life is spending time with its people, either snuggling on the sofa, going for a walk or chasing a ball. This affectionate and playful dog gets along well with other dogs and pets. They are sensitive to their human companions and easy to train. Cavaliers come in four colors: blenheim (white with brown spots); tri-color (white with black spots and tan markings); ruby (chestnut red); and black and tan (black with tan markings).

How big are Cavaliers?2024-05-21T14:21:46+00:00

Cavaliers are small yet sturdy dogs that typically weigh 13 to 18 lbs. and are 12 to 13 inches tall (measured from shoulder to ground). Both weight and height can vary somewhat.

How much grooming is involved with Cavaliers?2024-05-21T14:23:30+00:00

A Cavalier coat is easy to maintain by pet owners at home. Brushing of ears and body coat every few days will keep it free from mats. A monthly bath is sufficient. Clipping toenails is simple and can be done at home with nail clippers bought at any pet store. We like to shave away the hair that grows between Cavalier feet pads for better traction when running.

Are Cavaliers easy to train?2024-05-21T14:31:08+00:00

Cavaliers are bright, intelligent dogs that love any attention from their owners. Make training fun and Cavaliers are enthusiastic learners. There are a myriad of training methods that work. Our Cavaliers are generally food motivated, so we get great results with “clicker training”. We are also fans of the “AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy” Program and encourage our puppy buyers to find a program near them. This program is designed for beginner puppies and beginner owners and teaches basic skills such as walking on lead and basic commands. You can find more information here>>

Are Cavaliers good with childern?2024-05-21T14:27:16+00:00

Yes, Cavaliers love children. That said, young children should always be supervised around any puppy or older dog. Plan to introduce your child to a Cavalier by sitting on the floor with a treat and let the dog come to greet you and accept the treat. That’s the best way to make a new Cavalier friend!

What activities can you do with Cavaliers?2024-05-21T14:28:02+00:00

Just about anything! Some like to fetch. Some like to swim. Cavaliers shine in many performance activities such as obedience, rally, agility, lure coursing, FastCAT, and dock diving. Our one caution is not to overdue physical activity with a youngster whose bones are still developing. Your dog will tell you when it has had enough activity.

What is the best age to get a puppy?2024-05-21T14:29:06+00:00

Cavaliers are very adaptable to new families and situations. As baby puppies, relative to other dog breeds, they are slow to mature and gain independence. Hence, we do not place Cavalier puppies in new homes until they are at least 14 weeks old.

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