Education & Resources

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a wonderful toy spaniel bred solely to be a companion dog.  It is very adaptable in its need for exercise. A Cavalier’s main joy in life is spending time with its people, either snuggling on the sofa, going for a walk or chasing a ball. This affectionate and playful dog gets along well with other dogs and pets.  They are sensitive to their human companions and easy to train. Cavaliers come in four colors:  blenheim (white with brown spots); tri-color (white with black spots and tan markings); ruby (chestnut red); and black and tan (black with tan markings). Explore these resources to learn more about the breed.

The AKC parent club for Cavaliers in the USA. Here you will find the breed standard with lots of information on fun activities, health and how to get involved in Cavalier clubs and events.

AKC provides a wealth of information & support for dog owners. All Athercroft Cavaliers are registered with AKC and microchipped through its Reunite program. Find out if a Cavaliers is the right breed for you and see what AKC has to offer!

The largest charitable fund in the USA dedicated to research and education into Cavalier health. A great source of information on a myriad of health-related topics.

There are numerous regional (local) Cavalier clubs that enable Cavalier lovers to share their interest in the breed, become better educated and participate in fun activities. We are members of the Blue Ridge CKCSC in Asheville, NC. You can find more regional clubs at ACKCSC Regional Clubs.

Music City Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

If you are in the greater Nashville, TN area, consider joining this young club for Cavalier lovers. Email Lisa for more information