Products We Love

We are constantly asked what products we feed and use for our Cavaliers. Here are some of our favorites.

Athercroft Ear Cleaner

Make-at-home ear cleaner that works!

Laser Lites Shampoos +

Coat Care from a Cavalier breeder

Spaniel Bowls by Cindy Koering

Beautiful hand-made bowls AND dry ears

Dr. Harvey’s

Great starter mixes for raw diets

Ruff Greens

Yes, a healthy chew treat plus more...

Springtime Supplements

Quality supplements for dogs & people

Earth Rated Poop Bags

"Big Green" poop bag

Sturdi-Bags Airline Carrier

The BEST carrier for Cavaliers in flight

Primo Pads Crate Pads

Almost indestructible dog bed

Mainly Dogs Health Supplements

For Cavalier heart health